The programme of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design is part of Oslo National Academy of the Arts, which originating from the Royal Norwegian Drawing School from 1818. The school has now developed to a contemporary multidisciplinary art institution with departments in Design, Crafts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts. We find this set up very inspiring and fruitful for our agenda, where our programme is in-between several disciplines, taking advantages of the rich dialogue with multiple voices.

Our common agenda is to work with the social space and with the objects and things related to it. We see this as a framework of our society’s cultures that we wish to engage with. We eschew of making fixed definition of our disciplines, but rather challenge each student to investigate the peripheries.

Our pedagogical approach is based on criticality, professional dialogue and collaborative learning. The ideology is to prepare our students for the uncertain future, to be able to explore those emerging territories with professional skills.

BA courses offer studies for each student to build their in depth professional skills and knowledge palette within the disciplines of spatial and object design. The courses have main focus on practice based studio work.

MA courses enable every student to elevate their design abilities to advanced design practices. The aim is to contribute to the critical discourses in the continuously redefined design professions and to educate active leaders within the field. The studio practices are explored as design research.


  • Toni Kauppila
    Head of Programme
  • Terje Hope
    Professor in Furniture Design
  • Sigurd Strøm
    Professor in Furniture Design
  • Vigdis Ruud
    Associate Professor in Spatial Design
  • Bjørn Blikstad
    Assistant Professor in Furniture Design
  • Karin Knott
    Assistant Professor in Spatial Design


  • 1BA
  • Per Kristian Flem
  • Christian Hartvig Henriksen
  • AuðurRún Jakobsdóttir
  • Laura Kjær
  • Solveig Marie Loftsgarden
  • Benjamin Vaaland
  • Marcus Voraa
  • 2BA
  • Bjørn Jonas Aasheim
  • Sander Stallemo Arnesen
  • Stine Marie Eide Aronsen
  • Per Kristian Flem
  • Patrick Grung
  • Marlene Schjelle Holen
  • Amanda Ivarsøy Kovacs
  • Ida Elise Harr Martinsen
  • Tone Schjelderup-Krohg
  • Line Sjøbakk
  • Nina Tsyboulskaia
  • 3BA
  • Anja Elise Granlund
  • Sara Gretteberg
  • Mads Hauge
  • Helene Øyen Holde
  • Martine Scheen Jahnsen
  • Margarita Kolesnikova
  • Emilie Witsø Løkkeberg
  • Vilde Rapp Riise
  • Stine Helen Sletvold
  • Mads John Thomseth
  • 1MA
  • Christopher Hansen
  • August Lundberg
  • Fatimah Mahdi
  • Hannah Nordh
  • Emma Staubo
  • Bruno Suraski
  • Isak Wisløff
  • 2MA
  • Búi Aðalsteinsson
  • Firat Aysim
  • Kristina Hyll Bjerknes
  • Lucia Elvira Butnariu
  • Elin Gulbrandsen
  • Patrick Gundersen
  • Charlotte Kristine Kristiansen
  • Dorna Lakayan
  • Martine Sæther Nilsen